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I am so over this job waiting bullshit.  Like, really?  GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER.  

This on top of them telling me that I had to give a speech less than 24 hours in advance of my interview time, I’m getting the impression that I’m going to be the cranky follow upper person.

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Canadian music festival takes huge step against Native appropriation

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From their announcement:

For various reasons, Bass Coast Festival is banning feathered war bonnets, or anything resembling them, onsite. Our security team will be enforcing this policy.

We understand why people are attracted to war bonnets. They have a magnificent aesthetic. But their spiritual, cultural and aesthetic significance cannot be separated.

Bass Coast Festival takes place on indigenous land and we respect the dignity of aboriginal people. We have consulted with aboriginal people in British Columbia on this issue and we feel our policy aligns with their views and wishes regarding the subject. Their opinion is what matters to us.

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Stupid as fuck job hunt update

Still don’t know if I passed the background check.  Probably did, but I’m not inclined to count my chickens before they hatch.

Don’t have an apartment.

Don’t have an official offer.

Have a start date of August 18.

Can’t say yes or no to that until I get the official letter.

So now it is time for:


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I found some super cute 6 inch heels
Why would you want those?

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